Welcome to BenInRealLife

Hi! Thanks for visiting my personal blog – Beninreallife. On this blog I write about some of my key interests like music, movies, food and sport. I also write about some aspects of my life which I am looking to document. For example, I have recently started recuperating from a serious back injury. I plan to document my progress throughout my intense rehabilitation which includes strength and condition, physiotherapy, Pilates and a hell of a lot of patience.

As well as that I work for a large IT firm and am currently studying for a masters in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law at University College Dublin. As a result I’m keenly interested in the internet and modern technology, particularly disruptive tech which has the ability to really drive changes to the way we think about copyright or privacy online.

With a background in Business and Law I also approach some modern issues in Irish business, politics and culture. This blog will basically dedicated to various topics at various points in time. I hope you find them interesting and add to any discussion if you are strongly opinionated in one way or another. No matter what I hope you enjoy the blog.

Below you’ll find the major categories on the site

Music @BenInRealLife – Discussion of music that I like (and don’t like) accompanied by the the song. 

Breaking Back @BenInRealLife  – Details of my recent back injury and my fight to get back to full fitness

Movies @BenInRealLife – Here I just chat about movies and shows that I have watched. 

Food and Drink @BenInRealLife – My big passion here is coffee so it’ll be mainly about that. I am always trying to learn how to prepare the best cup of coffee and have a few different machines at home. Always looking for tips and tricks as well as recommendations on where to get a nice cup 🙂

Football @BenInRealLife – I love football, both playing and watching it. I support liverpool but really enjoy football discussion in general, it doesn’t always have to be about my team. In the end I think that football is entertainment and we shouldn’t take it too seriously. 


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